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That Mystic: Klara Kalicz

Hungarian fashion and costume designer Klara Kalicz’ most recent collection, “That Mystic”, is breathtaking—and serves as an escape from the industry’s less-innovative collections. In just her second year at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (called MOME), Kalicz’ pieces have already been worn in a fashion-theater-dance performance at the Hungarian contemporary theater, TRAFÓ. Her latest collection is futuristic and inspiring, full of spiked metal “dinosaur-back” embellishments, and exotic coral in bright white. While best described as “fantasy” looks, as they would be pretty impractical as everyday dress, each is a work of art—and I’d find a way to make them work… -Candis Mumford







Photographer: Attila Udvardi
Stylist: Zsuzsanna Kurucz
Makeup: Dorottya Nagy
Hair: Barbara Kratancsik

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