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We Are Stalking: I’ve Got A Lust For Life

Olivia Lopez’s style is the epitome of laid-back California-cool mixed with a ’70s rocker-chic edge. Her blog, I’ve Got A Lust For Life, is full of beautiful photography, often capturing the always-sunny, sometimes-desolate region of Southern California Olivia calls home. I was recently lucky enough to talk with Olivia about her “lust for life”, and how she managed to turn her teenage hobby into a fashion blog with an impressive fan following.

C40. Why did you start your blog? How long have you been blogging?

OL. I started my blog, Lust for Life, in 2006—but, officially, I’ve been blogging since I was 13 through Xanga and LiveJournal. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve documented everything around me through journals and diaries; I even wrote a poem about steak. The internet allows me to surface my thoughts, but I mostly began blogging to have an accessible place to post the photos I took with my friends.

C40. When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?

OL. Living life to its fullest! Well, kind of. It’s predominantly going to school, and—lately—aimlessly driving and devouring every sodium-induced food available.

C40. What is your biggest vice?

OL. A Friday night out with my girls. It always leads to a good story to tell the morning after.

C40. What was your favorite childhood outfit?

OL. I was attached to my denim clogs and plaid dress. My mother had a knack for buying matching clothes for my older sister and me and, when I grew out of my clogs, I grew into hers.

C40. What inspires your day-to-day life and style?

OL. Musicians in the ’70s; everyone from Redbone to Nancy Sinatra had killer style that I adore. I feel I’ve vicariously lived through that era via all the documentaries, books and photos I’ve collected from it—and you can still feel the aftershock of the time through San Francisco’s counterculture.

C40. What are you currently coveting?

OL. High-waisted leather shorts; I have about 5 pairs, and counting. One segment of my drawer reeks of leather. I also love lace tops, nude colors, midriff tees, legwear, platforms, pipeline jeggings and large duffle bag purses.

C40. How do you put together an outfit?

OL. I really don’t make a conscience effort when putting a look together, and—since I’m indecisive—I always get ready 5-10 minutes before I go out so I don’t second-guess what I’m wearing. I usually sift through a pile of my recent wardrobe acquisitions to narrow down my choices.

C40. What advice do you have for girls and women struggling to find their own sense of style?

OL. My advice for girls and women is to be confident! And never wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, because it will show. Trends come and go, but you need to find what you feel your best in—whether it be blue jeans or a leather skirt.

C40. Where do  you see yourself in 5 years?

OL. Living in San Francisco for school, and (hopefully) living a stable life through my own means.

C40. How would you describe your personal style?

OL. Motorcycle Librarian.

C40. What blogs are you stalking?

OL. (the curator of Spanish Moss), TheShowmanshipjakandjillwhatisrealityanyway and fashionsquad.

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Images via I’ve Got A Lust For Life

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