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We Are Stalking: We Could Grow Up Together


A resident of Hong Kong and New York City,  We Could Grow Up Together‘s Kwannam Chu blogs about everything, from traveling to working in his studio to life in general. A photographer by trade, Chu often gets to view some of the biggest designers’ collections before they hit the runway. Recently, he shared some of his personal images with me, as well as some thoughts on his talent and his blog.


C40. Tell me a little about your blog.

KC. It’s simply a visual journal of how I see things and how I live my life. I feel obligated to make this world a slightly prettier place, so taking beautiful pictures and blogging about nice things just feels like the right thing to do.

C40. What’s your definition of style?

KC. Style is knowing who you are and not being afraid to show it to the whole wide world.

C40. What do you consider to be the top trends for SS10?

KC. As much as I hate to admit, it’s boys in shorts with a pair of leggings underneath them. Also, the depressingly-dreadful drop-crotch pants for the boys and girls. Urg.

C40. Where do you shop when out of town?

KC. Tokyo! I’m a tiny Asian man, and they have the perfect sizes for me!

C40. What do you want to be when you grow up?

KC. Pretty much who I am, except a hell of a lot better in excelling at all the skills; I want to be a better photographer, friend, blogger, personality…

C40. What can you not leave home without?

KC. My iPod, so that I can strut and swagger as I walk down the streets!

C40. Where are your favorite places to shop when not traveling?

KC. Thrift shops, H&M and Ebay.

C40. If you could shoot any collection or person, who or what would it be?

KC. Hedi Slimane. He’s an iconoclast, and one of my heroes.

C40.What other blogs are you currently stalking, and why?

KC. Dandy Gum: It’s artsy and witty, and a great balance between images and words.

Simply Breakfast: When I read this, I feel like life is beautiful and hopeful.

DListed: My ultimate guilty daily pleasure. It cracks me up, big time.

C40. What menswear designers are you watching/anticipating will be huge?

KC. I like Toddy Lynn from London, and Sjaak Hullekes from the Netherlands.

C40. What is one big-ticket fashion item that is worth its price tag?

KC. Every single Celine bag designed by Phoebe Philo.

C40. What kind of camera do you usually shoot with?

KC. A Ricoh GR II.



Photos from a shoot Chu did in Tokyo with model Sen Mitsuji for 2010 issue of I.T POST:


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